Dragon Martial Arts-Yong Moo Do Kwan
Korean Martial Arts Children’s Program

Our mission is to develop positive minds and values to today’s children. As parents and educators in today’s society we are faced with many challenges and outside influences that may confuse and affect negatively on todays children. We recognize how important it is for young individuals to acquire the confidence to face these challenges and become strong leaders in their homes, schools and communities. We also believe the key for overcoming these challenges is a strong connection between mind, body and spirit. Our Dragon Martial Arts-Yong Moo Do Kwan Martial Arts and Fitness Children’s Program provides the essential tools necessary to develop these key elements: confidence and mind-body-spirit connection necessary for your child’s development.


  • Develop Mentally and Physically
  • Improve Concentration, Focus, and Better Listening Skills
  • Increase Self-Discipline as a Positive Effect
  • Increase ability to achieve goals that deliver Self-Confidence
  • Increase their ability to control the diverse pressures surrounding their daily lives.
  • Learn how to peacefully resolve conflicts
  • Achieve Academic Excellence
  • Have Fun!
“Helping To Build Today’s Children To Become Tomorrow’s Leaders”
Contact us today and have your child experience the positive changes and differences that our Dragon Martial Arts-Yong Moo do Kwan Programs will have on their future.

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