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Korean Martial Arts for Adults & Children in PA & DE

Welcome to Dragon Martial Arts-Yong Moo Do Kwan Website. If you’re looking for the Best Korean Martial Arts and Fitness exercise programs of: Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Kickboxing, Self Defense and Personal Fitness development for adults and children.

Well Look No Further! You can feel assured you have chosen the best and finest Korean Martial Arts School in the entire Tri-State area. Dragon Martial Arts-Yong Moo Do Kwan School has exactly what you’ve been looking for. We are located in Chadds Ford/Glen Mills Pennsylvania and close to Delaware and surrounding areas. Dragon Martial Arts-Yong Moo Do Kwan is the premier Korean Martial Arts School committed to the promotion of excellence in the Martial Arts and Fitness for more than 30 years. The Dragon Martial Arts-Yong Moo Do Kwan School is owned and operated by Grand Master G. Heath.
Dragon Martial Arts-Yong Moo Do Kwan’s unique Korean Martial Arts and Fitness Programs have the power to help you make those positive changes in your life. You will begin on a path to unite your mind and body as you develop your strengths and begin to achieve inner peace and harmony.

Grand Master G. Heath and his Certified Instructors look forward to meeting you in person, and having the opportunity to help you reach and achieve your fitness goals. Whether you’re looking for fitness classes, inner-growth, or self-defense – just a few hours during your week is all we ask and we will help you achieve your goals. Grand Master G. Heath and his certified Instructors take great pride in their School as they continue to share the Philosophies and Principles of the Korean Martial Arts and Fitness. We offer group classes and 1 on 1 private sessions for adults and children of all ages.

Don’t Procrastinate! Call Today and receive our Special Offer, so you may begin your Martial Arts and Fitness Journey to a Healthier and Happier Way Of Life.

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Grand Master G. Heath
Grand Master G. HeathOwner-President Dragon Martial Arts-Yong Moo Do Kwan School
Dave Stoltzfus
Dave StoltzfusMaster Instructor
George Heath, Jr.
George Heath, Jr.Chief Instructor
Melissa Wain
Melissa WainInstructor
Gustavo Sileira
Gustavo SileiraChildrens Instructor


Dragon Martial Arts Summer Camp 2016

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